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Raptivity is a rapid development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built templates, most of which are interactive. The pre-built templates provide a way to quickly assemble an interaction or presentation segment and publish it to a Flash (.swf) format.

You can use Raptivity to create a stand-alone course or you can import the published file into another tool, like Articulate Presenter or Captivate.

The Libraries of Templates

The full Raptivity library of around a dozen products provides over 225 presentation and interactive templates for various audience groups. Many interactions are appropriate for adult learners, while others would only be appreciated by children.

The central product is the Raptivity Essential Pack, which provides a dozen different categories of interaction models, like Brainteasers, Presentation Aids, Interactive Diagrams, Interactive Questions, Software Simulations, Surveys, Glossary, etc. Within each category are several templates. For example, in the Brain Teasers category you’ll find templates for a jigsaw interaction, flash cards, analogous pair, wild cards and a classification exercise.

Many of the templates provide users with a quick way to design and build an interaction. A few of the templates, like building a screen of text bullets synchronized with audio, already come in most authoring tools, but are useful if you’re using Raptivity to make stand-alone courses and presentations.

Although the templates are quite customizable, they are not completely dynamic and are limited in the number of objects they allow. For example, an interaction might only allow 4 pictures or 8 sets of matching items.

(Review by Connie Malamed)

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