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Toodledo allows users to set up a task list and access it from anywhere. Tasks can be organized into folders or linked as sub-tasks.

Toodledo allows you to set up rules so that it can automatically create a hotlist of your highest priority items. It offers several options for setting priorities, so you can segregate personal from professional tasks, or differentiate between projects on a list. The Scheduler is a very useful feature. If you find yourself with a chunk of free time, ask the scheduler to find the highest priority task that fits into the available time slot. You can share tasks or sub-tasks with other people, so if you are working on a project collaboratively, you can see each other’s status. Toodledo provides a time tracking tool that lets you post time spent on each task. This is very handy for consultants, project managers, and others who have complex task lists and must keep track of time to support billing.


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