Lead digitally

Hold a meaningful digital space to foster civic participation while sparking creative thinking and expression.

Project Brief

The novel Coronavirus pandemic caused the spaces where young people could hang out, actively create and engage socially, to shrink drastically. At the same time, it also revealed the unpreparedness of many sectors, especially those based on socializing, to operate in the digital world. The new reality presented us with the questions of how to successfully transfer youth

work principles to the digital space, establish online youth work and cultural practices and strengthen their quality and effects. To find the answers to these questions, we designed the Creative Digital Spaces project, which focuses on contributing to the higher civic participation and creative expression of young people through developing creative digital spaces.

Latest posts


Educating Youth Through VR Experience

What kind of potential has VR in education? In this blog, Petr explains the power of VR and shares their good practices of using it to strengthen mental health and promote environmental actions among young people.


Reflection: Safe Space, Avatars and Racism

The online environment can eliminate certain triggers. For example, one can camouflage one’s identity as an avatar to prevent racist comments. But could avatars distract youth from adapting to the diversity of people in their real form? Check it out Katarina’s reflection!


Digital Safety in Online Activities

What are the security challenges the online environment creates and we need to keep in mind when working with young people? How does a safe space fit into the picture?


How to Design Online Experience?

In many ways, designing an online experience is like designing an offline experience, as you would expect. But not entirely. There are certain markers that are good to watch for and consider in the process.