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Creative Digital Spaces in Our Daily Environment

Kico shares that the experience the project provided them has been enriching and timely. They shared our outputs with a group of young people named correspondents, Participe+ Network of Andalusian municipalities, local radio Atalaya, and more. Read the blog about their efforts.

Unleashing Youth Creativity in the Digital Era

Digital art is a modern form of creating or practicing an artistic work using digital technology. It differs from traditional art in tools used to produce creative content. What are the forms of art young people can explore? Check 2nd in the series of blogs written by Eva.

The Digital Art Movement Empowering Youth Creativity

Digital art has become quite popular since it is a new and exciting field to explore endless possibilities for creative expression in youth. What are the opportunities for being creative online? Check Eva’s blog – the first in the series!

Creative Approaches for More Engaging Online Spaces

Many useful platforms and supplementary exercises can help the trainer make each session more exciting and colorful during online training. Check out how Padle, Canva, Miro and other tools can support you in this.

How to Utilize Twitch as a Youth Worker?

The second blog on Twitch answers questions: What benefits does Twitch provide us? How can we take advantage of such benefits? What kind of activities can be hosted with the use of Twitch? Fabio thinks there’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get started!