First month

Oktober 1

Finally arrived to Slovenia. After traveling for 6h from Riga I’m here. Just an hour later moving into my new home, appartment with quite few flatmates. Students from Serbia and co-volunteer Maryna.

Oktober 9

This is not a job, nor studies. This is non-formal education. Setting up your own working space and adjusting the temp and competences to your personal goals and initiatives. It’s the perfect environment for self development and skills to grow. We are learning not so much about about the place and organization as about ourselves.

Could it be any better? You’re thrown into another country with an opportunity to learn how to learn.

Oktober 14

Second week is almost done. I’m used to this place. I can start to call it home.

Also participating in a small festival by the beginning of the project is giving experience. It opens up your creative side and keep you up to date.

Today I took my lunch which I’ve prepared in the previous evening, took my cameras and made some fruit water. I’m set to go. 7am and we are hitting the road from Ljubljana to Tolmin.

The place is amazng! Mountains on every direction, fresh air and it feels like you’re on the top of the world.

Oktober 21

Yesterday was the first time of going out. Of course we went to Metelkova, is there other places? Impression was 6 out of 10. Not a lot of people. Though I did met some familiar faces and did engage in conversations with strangers, wihch put me out of my comfort zone a bit. So mission completed, I guess.

Next morning I finally pushed myself into doing exercise and it felt so good. It’s the middle of autumn, but I can still go running in outfit as it would be summer. (I hate running, but again – putting yourself out of your comfort zone can help you).

Oktober 27

Just spend the most amazing week by the Adriatic sea during on-arrival training for my volunteering year. Met some interesting people with whom I have already started to cooperate in one personal project. It will be a promo video for all our sceptical relatives and friends who does not believe that volunteering is someting useful.

For now it’s in the process, but with the time it should turn into something remarkable.

Oktober 29

The fifth week has begun. Seems like it’s been only a week here. Starting to realize my goals.

This is the environment for growth. Dare to open up,  to talk and to share your ideas. It’s important that you engage with other in similar situations because by talking and sharing you can find the right path or answer for you.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage but it can give a lot more in return.

Also hitchhiking to Trieste, Italy in one afternoon just to eat a gelato is something you CAN DO.

If you want then you can achieve

Post 1


Hi to everyone, who is reading this now!

My name is Maryna and l am going to tell you my story. Let’s title it like that: “First time”.

So, ones upon a time… no,no,no…that is too much, probably. Ok, l will start it like this:

Sooner or later it comes that time when you realize that you have to leave your comfort zone in order to find out what you are and who you are, to find out what you’re capable of, and – how trivially it wouldn’t sound – to find your destination. For me these times came when l have decided to apply for Erasmus+ project called “Multimedia Ninjas”.

And it brought to me a lot of “first times”: first flight;  first time abroad; first time as EVS volunteer; first time living without closest people for so long period of time (12 month); first time in foreign society, surrounded by people who don’t understand your mother tongue language at all.

And l can definitely call it a challenge to myself.

And you know what?! I have no regrets!

We all afraid of new beginnings but what really should terrify us – is unused possibilities and unrealized goals and dreams. l cannot define myself as person of big courage, l just realized that l need to do that first step to be happy.


If you don’t believe me, there are photo proofs why I have no regrets!



Maryna Polovko