Post 11

When you going to leave the place, you have a bond with, you start to think over all moments you spend there; try to etch on your memory that place and leave something there after yourself. I know it for sure because currently experiencing it. That’s why I was happy to take part in redesigning living room in our office. It’s great task from all perspectives: chance to switch computer work to the actual one, opportunity to use creativity and create something on your own and leave a trace in the place after yourself.  So, during this month we were collecting materials for sketch board, doing measurements, looking for materials and brainstorming a lot on how to make office’ living room look cozy and be functional at the same time – not the easiest task but that is exactly the funny part also.

Along with that, we have started one more not less creative project – making an animation for Socialna academia with its own authentical characters. Together with one colleague of mine, we designed two cool characters: smart doggy and silly sheep that going to be the main characters. So, soon we can breathe life into them and start animating.

This month was also not without a bit of traveling. Together with my co-worker, Angela, we spent a day by the Adriatic Sea in one small nice town called Izola. It was the time of just simple summer relaxation when you enjoying swimming and sunbathing. No rush, no duties, just calm rest)

And the last but not least is my first climb to real mountain called Nanos and observation meteoric shower on its top. The way up might be hard but the view from the top and satisfaction of what you overcame is worth it. After the ascent, I realized that I want to set up for myself a new goal – to climb one other mountain probably much higher than 1313 meters, to challenge myself again.

This is all for now)
Next post from me is going to be the last one, so I will use this time to think over all my yearly experience and write a conclusion for you, my dear readers!) Spend this month happily. Bye!

Maryna Polovko