Second month

I have to say that this month has been relatively longer. When you start to accept the fact that you are not only visiting for a longer period of time, but you actually moved away from home, it get’s a bit harder to stay focused.

November 1

Starting November by going on a small trip to Croatia. Few days away. Although it’s already November I’m still able to go out to terrace bare foot and enjoy my morning coffee like it would be a summer morning. Still filled motivation and even when I’m away I keep thinking about what would I like to create inside organization.

November 3

It’s Saturday. On our way home we went to Piran. If you have been there then you probably know the St. George’s Parish Church which is located on the hill by the coastal area. The view from there is breathtaking, especially if the sky is clear. Across the bay of Adriatic sea the Dolomites are visible, so as the conversation with a friend is going I can’t keep my attention away from them.

You need to appreciate those moments. You need to cherish the place and stop for a moment even if you’re on a hurry. Just take the view and the moment. It’s the present and you need to enjoy it. It’s happening only because of you. You put yourself there through many other decisions. Little appreciation is needed to fully take the moment. 

November 6

Two days of filming already. Angles and sound, speed of movement and eye contact through camera screen. Confusing is the word I am looking for to describe this.

It’s getting more and more intense in the organization. Still it’s good to keep yourself busy with productive things. Actually not only productive but this is learning as well. I mean it keeps me motivated. It’s a psychological way of how brain is functioning.

We need closure in order to feel satisfied. So if you open particular subject for yourself you need to understand it, otherwise you’ll start to feel anxious by the time.  

November 9

Participation in filming for the EU event was a bit of a disappointment. Not in the context about the filming but more about the conference itself.  The first time of working the full equipment was intriguing.

November 11

The place with an elevation of 1000m! We spent our Saturday evening in mountain hut near Škofja Loka. Small cozy place. I was cooking dinner and also learning how to make proper mulled wine.  Enjoying the peace.

Morning view! It was something so pure! Fresh air and black coffee on the edge of a balcony. Swinging my legs over the handrail, which was wide enough to sit on properly.

Afterwards visiting lake Bled and then slowly heading home. But darkness at 5 p. m. is a pity, I have to say.

November 19

They warned me about the low point after excitement is gone. I reached it. So now I just want to spent quality time in not so crowded places. I went for a hike the other day after work. Suddenly it started to snow! First snow! Couldn’t even express my excitement. It kind of kept everything in balance that day.

So when it hits the bottom just keep yourself together and treat yourself the way you would treat someone in your position. It’s sometimes harder to see the solution for your own problems. The way out is to look from aside and keep your mind cool. 

November 24

I have started to take photography a bit more seriously. First time shooting long exposures. After our last session with photography mentor I have carried this interest inside me. So finally giving it a life.

I still need to practice.

November 26

Again escaping the city. This time I’m more of an calm observer. I’m slowly getting my inner tourist out of my system.

Lake Bohinj was breathtaking! Triglav National Park in all it’s majesty. It was foggy that day, but honestly it just made these views better. Trees covered in a blanket of fog kept me warm all the way. With just a little bit of help from hot coffee hidden in my thermos.


Post 2

Hi, again! I’m back with the question to you, guys: How did you spend your month? And while you’re thinking about the answer, I gonna share with you how it was for ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteer – for me.

The second week started with “meeting face to face” the professional filming camera and all additional equipment to it. Along with it, we met our mentor, very positive guy who makes cartoons, and he made for us a small introduction. What is my impression, you will ask? Well…It’s hard to imagine that you’re holding in your hands something that is an essential part for creating films, people are watching all over the world. So, l was very excited about all this and cannot wait learning more.

The other memorable activity along this time, was the festival of backpack journalism, called “BIVAK”, in organization of which we took part. We were talking  and making decorations… And, you know, I realized that l really enjoy that feeling, when you need to use your imagination in order to create something interesting and memorable for people.

The “BIVAK” has its own spirit of freedom, that can belong only to backpack traveling and it’s a very good idea to share this special experience with people and “invite” them to try it at least once in their lives.

Moreover, we had a walk outside the city with our coordinator. We were in the area where Ljubljanica river begins. Than we had a lunch in cozy cafe on the top of the hill with view on mountains on one side and foggy forest on another. We were also visiting Dimnice jama – amazing, 100m deep cave, with the river, streaming along its bottom. Our guide told us a lot of historical facts, touching this place. He was telling the stories with such passion in his voice that you can’t help but admire this place. In the end of the excursion he gave each of us a little farewell present – a cave pearl.

But the jewel in the crown of my adventures was on-arrival training for volunteers from all over the country. I can’t express in words how happy I was to be there. This atmosphere of the summer camp, took me back in time to my childhood. But it was double cool because all of us are from different countries. So it was awesome time of experience exchanging, blended with having fun.  The accommodation was also in high level, ooh….and the view… the hotel located in the town, called Ankaran, on the Adriatic coast, near the border with Italy. So the nature of this place is a mix of olive trees plantation, vineyards, green hills and seacoast.  Can you imagine this beauty? …. Actually, you don’t have to, I took some pictures for you.

This is all for now, but I hope my #sloveniamoments will be continued.

Thanks to those, who read it till the end.

Maryna Polovko