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I’m going to start this post by telling a bit sad news that took place this month – unfortunately my co-worker and my first and best-ever foreign companion, with whom we’ve got through so many, from very first day in Slovenia – Eliza – left the project and went back to her life in order to continue study. We both hate goodbyes so her farewell dinner we’ve ended as if it wasn’t our last met – and I dare to hope it wasn’t.

But anyhow I’m still here and volunteer life for me continues.

Well, this month were two events that got right into my experience box and they both contain filming. The first event was dedicated to the business theme and called “Solidarnost v poslovnem svetu”. We were filming this event for more than 2 hours, so it was exhausting, to be honest. Furthermore, all speakers were talking in Slovenian except for one Portuguese businessman so I’ve managed to get some tips of running my own business =D.

The second event was devoted to the very famous, as I understood, Slovenian actor of passing years. This 90-year-old but young-soul, charismatic man was talking about his years on the stage, was joking all the time, making lough the whole audience. Even I, not knowing a word, was enjoying his talking – it proves that real talent is never getting old. Despite all inconveniences with filming (too dark hall, problems with setting a camera and no place to sit and space to move) I was glad to be present at the event.


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And as we’re coming closer to the end, I don’t want to break established tradition of reporting travel stores. This time it was a voyage to Italy.

Our way was laying through Verona to Trento – small town surrounded by mountains and high hills – where we spent 2 days. We were living in a newly build house up in the hill with a wide terrace with the view on mountains – it was splendid.

During staying in Trento after we’ve finished sightseeing there, we made a small voyage to famous Italian lake Garda (Lago di Garda). I literally don’t have words to describe it’s beauty and if you don’t believe my words then believe George Cluny’s taste because he bought a villa in this place. Anyway, we were hiking there – walking along the lake on a nice hiking trail, on the left side are the lake, mountains half-covered with a soft blanket of fog and on the right side high steep cliff raising up to the sky – not bad, huh? I guess George Cluny would agree with my point.


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Before going back to Ljubljana, we spent a day walking around the most romantic Italian city, where «story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo» was taking place – Verona. My comment on it: it is an absolutely incredible city, I literally felt an unexplained warm feeling in my chest, there is something in the air that makes you fell in love with the city – some flavor of romance spreading around. It definitely worth to visit again, I hope I will do it with my soulmate next time.


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On this high note I’m leaving you till the next time)

Maryna Polovko