Post 12

So, guys, here we go, this is my final – farewell post! Its been an amazing year, that literally changed my mindset and opened up a whole new world for me! I’ve experienced not only new fields of knowledge but the brand-new way of living. So, let’s get to the beginning for some reflection. We gonna get back in time for one year.

At that time, it was “young”, unexperienced me, who was in torments with the question of what I want to do next and what would be my next goal? And then, like a smile of fortune, appeared from nowhere the info pack of Multimedia ninja project – the title had cached my attention immediately and after reading it all through, I knew for sure that I would love to try applying. And I did that! So, I came to Slovenia with hope to figure out what I want to be and get more of life experience. When I first arrived, I was amazed by the beauty of Slovenian nature. But at the same time, I was stressed and scared of everything so maybe that’s why I don’t remember much of those first two months. But, anyway, in the beginning, I learned a lot of basics that have set the foundation of everything that I got and improved later on. I may say, that this year I made a lot of things, I can be proud of. Every small flyer, promo video or long mockumentary or other was a small victory for me. I’m also proud of my traveling experience, I visited almost all the places I planned, and the rest of the list I want to finish in the nearest future.

You know, now when I’m trying to raise all that happened with me this year in my memory, I see it as a river with the waterfall just in the middle of its length. And the first half of it runes fast, through the mountains so there many unexpected rapids and turns and all the way you don’t know what to expect. And then comes the waterfall – the point of kind of relief, where you set free all your fear and realize that adaptation officially over, you overcame most of the difficulties and now you can go with the flow, measuredly.

If you ask me what would I change my answer would be – Nothing. – because all the obstacles we face at the beginning, it’s a completely natural part of gaining experience, that is how we learn things the best, by overcoming problems. And if you feel satisfied at the end then everything went as it should be.

I would like to finish this post with a short message for the next EVS’s: Don’t let the difficulties on your way broke you down and stop you from reaching your goals, try to fight them, leave your comfort zone and you going to be rewarded at the end. And, of course, do not forget that this journey is also full of fun, parties and new cool friends! So, go for it!

And for me, it’s a high time to say: bye-bye!) It was a pleasure to share my experience and thoughts with you!)

Maryna Polovko.