Post 6

I have a strong belief that everything that I start need to be finished no matter how I feel about it, that is why I would like to start this post by announcing that I have finished mockumentary video and I am considering it as one more small win over myself.

Anyways, the month was rich in important occurrences I want to share with you. So, let’s not delay and start)

First occurrence is the photography workshop. It was really informative, and gave me helpful tips not only about basic camera settings but also about lights: where to put spotlights, how to play with range of light, how a picture is changing depend on hue and amount of light in the room, and creative tricks that can make a picture perfect.

Second occurrence is the start of special multimedia course that includes learning of different approaches in creating an animation. Now we are working only in one animation program – “Toon Boom Harmony” – and I must to admit it very scrupulous and long process to create qualitive animation, even nowadays, with all this bunch of computer software. But I will try my best to make something at least slightly looking as animation, I promise.

Next important occurrence is arriving of our third volunteer. Her name is Angela she is from Italy and very enthusiastic about the work, so, I guess, it will be pleasure to cooperate with her. We made a short tour around Ljubljana, showing to her famous places and telling about interesting facts. That was very refreshing for us to go out from the office and I hope helpful for Angela to get to know a bit a new place of living.

And now, according to the established tradition, a bit of travel information)

We have opened up a season of active rest with the hike to Gradišče, 530 meters high hill nearby our place. The whole way up of course was memorable but the most interesting was waiting for us on the top: there was a box and inside of it were checkmark book, stamp and ink for it. I think it is such a good idea to leave them on the top because making these things so official, allow people to consider their small hike as one of important destinations – metaphoric reaching the goal – that what I felt after writing my name and putting the stamp.

Not much time have passed and we went for another hike to Šmarna Gora, we have been there before but didn’t mind to do it again. It was arranged for all Erasmus+ participants and we decided to take part in it too. The result was slight tiredness mixed with satisfaction of nicely spent time. Isn’t it perfect? – For me it is!)

And now we slowly come closer to the most spectacular trip of the month – dream voyage to Barcelona and then to Venice!)

I have been dreaming to visit Barcelona since I was 20, and to be honest never actually thought that it could come true. This city turned out even better than I expected, it has such a unique charm that I hardly can choose words to explain. And it’s not only about amazing architecture with all these artsy Gaudi’s buildings, nor perfectly turquoise Mediterranean Sea and palm threes everywhere, nor Catalan’s colorit and unbelievably tasty food – it’s something much bigger – feeling of the dream coming true!

My way back from Barcelona lay through Venice and I had a few hours for sightseeing. But after this short walk I understood that what a unforgivable disrespect it is, to walk around the “The Floating City” only four hours and that I definitely need more time for exploring its tiny romantic streets and endless canals so I made a promise to myself to go there one more time in nearest future.

Maryna Polovko