Post 4

The last two weeks of the year, I would say, were chaotic because this time was full of things I never did before. The most stressful task for me was to prepare the VIP party for partners and people who were somehow involved in activities our organization have been provided. We were making all the decorations, setting up the list of the dishes, and finally cooking all of it. During the preparation process some argues and misunderstandings appeared but we’ve learned how to get through it and cooperate productively. I guess in some way it even helped us, pushing to do our best. And I have to admit I am proud of what we have managed to create as a team. Guests were satisfied, and we were happy to hear that.

Then comes a bit less but still in a way stressful event – the postcard workshop. The idea of it belongs to my co-worker, Elisa. Being a big fan of Christmas and fond of calligraphy, she came up with idea to combine these two things together and organize a workshop on this theme. I was inspired by her enthusiasm about it and expressed my intention to be involved. So, we have decided to divide it in two parts: calligraphy and decoration. Elisa was in charge of the first one and I – of the second one. We prepared some examples in ahead. To be honest the workshop was not exactly how we planned it, but we had a great time after all and that is what really matters. So, having been filled with the festive mood after workshop and made a reflection on the passed times with one of our mentors, Tina, we went on the vacation.

Do you remember in the previous post I have promised to start to explore nearby countries? Well, I’m happy to inform you that I kept my promise. And my “victim” is … drum roll … wonderful Germany!

The trip to Germany was like a breath of fresh air for me. It was almost like return home because I met my university friends, even those I did not expect to meet. We were talking, laughing and remembering the years that we spent in the walls of our beloved(no)hated alma mater, sharing the personal stories and of course some gossips about mutual friends and I realized at once how I miss all of it: be in a company of old friends and speak native language.

But my journey was not only about sitting and talking, it also contained sightseeing. Here is a short list with descriptions of places I have visited.

The first stop – Hamburg:

  • tour on the river bus along the Elbe, which includes seeing of a broad view on the city;
  • The Elbphilharmonie – is concert hall, hotel and observation deck whole in one;
  • main square and the Rathaus – building with impressive architecture which is the seat of the government of Hamburg;

  • St. Nicholas’s church – once the tallest building in the world, this half-destroyed church is now a monument to the destruction of WWII;
  • Dancing Towers, which are located in the end of so-called red-light district  –Reeperbahn – represents innovative architectural decision of our century;
  • Church of St. John of Kronstadt – orthodox church with unusual for this religion architecture;
  • Miniatur Wunderland – this place deserves a separate post however I will try to describe it as shortly as possible – well, I was completely amazed by this place! All the details are so perfectly made that you hardly believe they are copies. All these tiny cities live their own lives. It is like a small world inside the room. I was feeling myself as a giant in Lilliput, for real!

The second stop – Berlin:

  • The Rotes Rathaus – the town hall of Berlin, named so for its red brick facade;
  • St. Nicholas’s church – the oldest (in Germany) and along with it very beautiful church;
  • Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) – has elaborate decorative and ornamental designs and stands on the very bank of Spree river, this church definitely worth seeing;
  • Branderburg Gate – Berlin’s most famous landmark and a national German symbol of peace and unity;
  • Berlin wall – the other famous landmark – it is actually very long and I visited only the part which is called East Side Gallery, because of lots of artistic murals on it, but the most iconic one is “The Socialist Fraternal Kiss”, where Brezhnev and Honecker’s kissing, and there are also the words: “My God, help me to survive this deadly love”;
  • Madame Tussaud Museum – is jewel in the crown of my journey, I literally have no words to describe my feelings about it! All the sculptures look so alive that sometimes it’s even creepy. I definitely need to visit it one more time.

Well, a new year is a high time to wipe the slate clean and to start a new beginning. What is my plan? – I don’t know yet but I have a big expectation for it. First of all, I want to set up the goals to clarify my way and then I will just try to follow it.

Maryna Polovko