Post 5

I guess everyone knows how it could be hard to tune yourself to the working mood after long holidays. So, this year wasn’t an exception. After my amazing vacation in Germany with friends, lots of spare time and joy of the New Year celebration, to be honest, I wasn’t happy to dive into working routine. But the world of grown-ups does not take kindly to being disobeyed. So, just like every other year usually begins, the 2019 started from getting back to work, so do not expect any traveling stories in this post.

With returning back to workplace I’ve received a new tasks and duties. Now I am responsible for helping in preparation the space for events, workshops or any kinds of activities that our organization hosts. During this month we had two big events, where I was in charge of making coffee, hot water for tea, preparing the table with snacks, checking if participants have everything they need and, of course, taking photos of event for Socialna akademia’s Facebook page.

I was also present at the conference called “EPAS”. Since I worked with an additional camera for close-ups, I constantly had to move it and every time look for right angle and adjust the focus following the speakers. I must to admit, every other shooting set helps me to hone my skills and I’m starting slightly feel sparkles of professionalism in this field and I have to say that it’s really pleasant to see the progress.

In the field of editing this month also brought to me another interesting and rather challenging task. I received a big amount of video material. And what I need to do is to create a mockumentary, so to speak fake documentary video. Now I’m working on selection of material, I’m cutting out good takes, thinking over how it will look like etc. In the end, and this is the most difficult part in my opinion, I will have to put all this pieces into a single complete whole – into the video, which will contain the meaning inside and will be able implement the message.

Among other tasks I had been dealing with, were working in Adobe inDesign and Illustrator and installing Antivirus programme but as more important we have made good progress in writing our Youth Exchange project. On the meetings we have discussed aims, needs and goals of our project; have wrote down all ideas that came to our minds, and have created an estimated activity schedule. And the more we think about all of it – the more enthusiastic we become.

Okay…Enough about work, let me tell you a bit about my spare time! Of course, as I mentioned before this post won’t be full of traveling experience but still… this month I couldn’t left myself without any memories and dedicate whole time only to winter laziness.

We went to nice Slovenian town, Kamnik, with original intention to attend a party where many EVSes were going to convene up, but after we have arrived and we couldn’t help but walk around, admiring the tiny streets and magnificent view on mountains and small red ruffs. After sightseeing we went to the party place. We met there many of our EVS’ friends and also new volunteers, we played (as crazy) table football, hanged out and spent really good time.

And the last thing that’s worth to be mentioned is visit to the gallery of modern art. This visit took place on one of the national holidays of Slovenia. This day is called Prešeren Day (Culture Day) and celebrated on February 8th, on the anniversary of the death of the greatest Slovenian poet dr. France Prešeren.  The interesting thing is that all museums and galleries are free to visit, so we couldn’t lose such a great opportunity too.

I can’t call myself a big admirer of modern art but some pieces of art (and they deserve to be called like this) had a big impression on me and have left a mark on my soul. Although, unfortunately, the camera cannot convey the beauty of these paintings but I still dare to put them.

Maryna Polovko