Post 7

Today is the time for my post but before starting to write it I’ve decided to go for a run early in the morning that haven’t done for a long-long time. In five minutes’ walk from my place, there is a hill with lots of trails and beautiful flora, so I went for a run there. The reason for this was not to get in better shape, as you might think, but to “run” over all that happened this month….to reflect a bit. I was really needed to clear my mind because with the time passing by, I feel that it is harder and harder to share my thoughts and that I want to keep them only for myself. So, I had no doubt that “exercise” would help me to come up with some conclusions and it did.

Well, today I’m not gonna mention small things, but will point out a few remarkable ones only.

I was part of a team that organized 2 days event for high school students. Why I put it on my list? – Because it was the first time I’ve been playing the main role in filming and completely in charge of catering the event at the same time. What I got out of it? – Enormous experience of multitasking and the skill of overcoming the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. Later I also made a promo video out of the material I’d filmed.

Then comes absolutely unplanned visit to Planina Cave (formerly known as Malograjska jama or “Little Castle Cave”). I guess I’ve told before that observation of such places, always leaves a mark on my soul, so there is no need to explain why it’s a noteworthy occasion for me. But what I would like to point out here is that now comparing two caves I’ve been to, I can be aware of that everything that is made by nature is unique and has its special charm. For me, a cave is not only stones which are the same everywhere but a masterpiece created without human hand that’s why it is so priceless.

The next occasion had been 3 days long and took place in Ankaran – a small coastal town in Slovenia, near the border with Italy. It was our mid-term evaluation. Of course, it was full of communication, reflection, and exercises on self-awareness. But the things I will remember from those three days are morning swimming in the Adriatic Sea with only 12.5 degrees temperature water, which I really proud of; and  evening trip to Isola (another town nearby) for dinner to the restaurant that one dynasty of winemakers is keeping for a long time. I will never forget crazy ride uphill on a winding road with steep turns, vineyard owner’s explanation on how the moon phase influence the taste of wine (young and growing moon takes away power of the Earth and leaves the wine with light elegant taste and just the other way around, the full moon fills the Earth with energy and gives to the wine strong, vivid and rich taste) and, of course, I will keep the memories about amazing taste of white sweet wine, called Muscat.

And the last thing in the list is treasure hunt I’ve been yesterday to. It was really fun to go around the city center of Ljubljana, to complete some creasy tasks and just enjoy the company and evening walk. The meet point was in one of the best cafes in Ljubljana with one of the most spectacular observational decks – perfect end of the day, isn’t it?)

That is all for now)
Thank you for reading this till the end)

Maryna Polovko