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Socialna akademija is a partner in a Capacity Building Project that will enrich digital learning in youth work and is lead by NAPOR (National Association of Youth Workers) from Serbia.

The overall aim of the project is to foster the usage of online tools in non-formal education in order to improve quality of programmes for education of youth leaders and youth workers available.


To explore benefits and limitations of online learning in the context of non-formal education of youth leaders and youth workers through comparing previous experiences of all partners and opening space for discussion of experts in non-formal education.

To build capacities of 24 trainers active in the field of education of youth leaders and youth workers for using online learning tools in NFE through training course and opportunity to create and implement online courses on national or international level.

To bring innovation in NFE by creating new methods, techniques and concrete tools for online learning through cooperation between youth and IT sector.To promote the possibilities of online learning to wide range of organizations and institutions working on designing and implementing educational programs for youth leaders and youth workers.


1.) Training course for online learning will be organized for 24 participants from partner organizations in order to build and improve their capacities for using tools for online learning in implementation of non-formal education programs for youth workers. The training course will have residential part in its core that will be preceded and followed by online learning phases. As a result of the course we expect that participants will have competences that will enable them to create and implement training courses for youth workers following the concept of blended learning.

2.) Implementation of online courses will follow the end of the training course on online learning. Participants will prepare programs for their online courses during the training course, and fine tune them in the follow up phase. Courses can be done on international level, created and lead by international team of trainers, or on national level, by participants from the same country, but all courses will have youth workers as target group. Themes of the courses will be selected by participants, according to their fields of expertise, needs and objectives of their organizations and needs of their target group.

3.) Seminar on online learning in non-formal education will gather trainers, youth workers and experts in using online tools in non-formal education programs in order to discuss possibilities of online learning in the context of NFE, especially for programs of education of youth workers. Together with experts in ICT they will explore ways of improving existing tools and creating new ones in order to make them more interactive, experiential and suitable for developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and values important in youth work.

4.) Following the seminar on online learning tools, as well as training course for their usage in NFE programs, a manual will be created in order to gather all the new tools created, together with already existing ones with further explanation on how to use them the best way. Main focus of the manual will be the way to use tools for online learning emphasising their potential in developing competences needed in youth work, exploring especially their potential for developing skills, attitudes and values that are essential part of youth workers’ competence framework, but not explored enough through online learning.

In this project Slovenian team created a great online tool – a database of all interesting online tools that can be useful in education. But don’t let us brag, check it our yourself:
Digital educational tools.

Duration: January 2017 – August 2018

Project Partners:
NAPOR (Serbia) – applicant/leading partner
Nectarus (Lithuania)
Socialna akademija (Slovenia)
Associazione Interculturale NUR – assonur (Italy)
Croatian Youth Network (Croatia)
BV Jong (The Netherlands)
POYWE (European, located in Austria)

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