Why Youth Work is Good

In this project we would like to gather partners from diverse countries that have experience in youth work and who have will to share their examples of good practice and have a need to include some practice of partners into their own work.

Throughout analysis of youth work framework and later implementation of trainings with specific topics we are investigating situation in every partner country regarding framework for youth work.

During trainings participants will learn from each other, get to know the situation in other partner country, show what and how are they working, what kind of methods they use, who is their focused target group. Further on, about structure for youth work in their local community such as youth offices / organizations / information centers, youth clubs, youth council or similar public body etc.

During the training or short staff mobility, host organization need to organize visit to at least 2 (urban / rural) youth centers which are working / connected to training topic. These visits are internal part of each training. After trainings we will work on collecting and finalization of all our presented practices in that way making a workbook with different tools and approaches to different types of youth work and different youngsters.

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