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Objavljeno: 18. julija 2007


The mission: Social Academy tries to encourage the social responsibility of Slovene citizens by engaging in education, research and cultural activities.

The vision: Step by step, Social Academy is trying to create an institution which is characterized by qualified staff and which also influences the social atmosphere in Slovenia as well as abroad.

The organization Social Academy relies on three foundations – three constituent units:

  • education
  • research and
  • culture.


Social Academy was formally registered in 2004. One of its main founders was Professor Anton Stres. The name Social Academy is based on the name of a similar organization from abroad i.e. the organization called KSOE – Katolische Sozialakademie Österreichs. This partner organization, in fact, tries to pursue similar goals than Social Academy; however, the activities that our Social Academy engages in are adapted to the specific, Slovene cultural environment.

The main activities we are currently (2007) preparing include:

  • Social academy studies
  • different types of education
  • cultural and educational evenings
  • production of various publications
  • cultural events and
  • international activity.

Under the leadership and support of the founders certain activities had been taking place long before the organization was formally established. Among these activities we especially have to mention Social academy studies – our fundamental programme which has been present in Slovenia for about ten years.


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