1.1 Cyber Bullying as a rising problem

Newspapers and website are full of articles relating to problems and weaknesses of the educational system. The role of teachers is becoming more and more important. Violence at school is an everyday issue, not only between students but also against the school structure itself. The core values of the school community are oftentimes missing, that is why, teachers are increasingly playing the role of educators. But how is that possible?

The recently deceased former associate editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frank Schirrmacher, writes in his book “Minimum (2006)”: “… our children have fewer friends than previous generations. So not only the lives of individuals radically changed, but our society is reprogrammed insidiously; …. More and more we will be on our own, but alone we can not survive. At a time when the most valuable asset is its social capital – as we are forming new communities? … We are not prepared for the minimum of social relations. We suddenly standing in front of the original question a society: What is a family? How is trust? Who help whom? ”