4.2.7 A strategic approach

A strategic approach to cyberbullying is not always needed. Usually, a general strategy to ensure a good school climate, a strategy to develop students’ social skills and/or a conflict resolution strategy might be enough to prevent most cases or at least the most serious cases of cyberbullying.

If the school detects one isolated incident of cyberbullying, it should deal with that specific incident, but it might not make sense for a school-wide strategic approach. However, if there are many incidents or if their impact is potentially harmful, the school should review its existing policies and if needed, develop new ones.

Some of the tools that the school might use are:

  • Develop a communication strategy for relevant target groups.
  • Develop educational activities and skill building activities for relevant target groups.
  • Review existing policies and procedures for dealing with unacceptable behaviour.
  • Develop a crisis response plan and procedures to deal with unexpected incidents.
  • Examine the school culture and the hidden curriculum and messages.
  • Engage in a strategic planning process and plan for organizational change.