Format n. 03 Angel & devil

The aim is to make pupils reflect about different situations and consider various aspects, to make them realise that cyber bullying is not at all a fun thing
Target group:
School class, pupils between 13 and 17 years old (adapt the seriousness of the questions to age)
2 h
1) First, the pupils will watch a short video prepared by the multiplier B in advance.
2) After that, the group will discuss the video in small groups, trying to make every participant speak and take part in an active way.
3) The most important part of the seminar will be the Angel/Devil game, where students will be given a situation, like: your friend asks you to break a classmates’ fb account just for fun. One part of the class will have to support this idea, trying to convince the others, while the second group has to come up with the drawbacks of the idea.
4) In the end the pupils will have to decide together which group is right, why and to what extent; they will be asked to evaluate the benefit of the game.
0 – 5 min: Introduction
5 – 10 min: Video (made by multiplier) – interview with questions
10 – 35 min: Group conversations – 3 groups with prepared questions
35 – 75 min: Situational games: “Convince the person to…”; aim: to create situations arousing different emotions based on questions such as “Should I break in someone’s Facebook account just for fun?” etc.
75 – 90 min: Conclusion and evaluation with the whole class: what was good/ bad/useful
At least 2
Preparation of questions, different situations and video
Camera / smartphones
– Active involvement of pupils- Funny game
– Vivid discussion
– A lot of preparation needed
-The “devil” part could be the most enjoyable one (but this opens also interesting debates)