Format n. 16 Guess who #2

Aim: The aim of this exercise is to remove stereotypes, whilst showing the participants how social portals such as Facebook or Twitter can create an illusion.
Target group:
School class, pupils between 13 and 16 years old
1) The participants are divided into groups, where they will be assigned particular figures (eg. The Barbie Doll, The Sportsperson…).

2) Each group has to create a fake profile for their figure, posting photos/ films/comments…

3) The groups will then switch profiles, discussing whether they believe the profile is realistic or not – this should provoke a discussion as the Multipliers B will suggest other reasons for a person to present themselves in a particular way (perhaps the Sportsperson isn’t physically active and just holds a great interest in Sports/Healthy lifestyle…)
4) Conclusion

0 – 10 min: Introduction
10 – 20 min: Divide participants into groups and assign them particular characters
20 – 50 min: Participants create the fake profiles
50 – 75 min: Switch profiles and analyse them
75 – 100 min: Discussion
100 – 120 min: Conclusion
The different personality types need to be prepared – the number of figures depends on the number of groups.
– This workshop allows the participants to work within teams, whilst being creative- It also allows the participants to reflect upon the reality of social profiles
-Participants may assume that everything/everyone in social profiles is false