Format n. 07 Show your face

Try to raise awareness of pupils and encourage them to share their personal statements against cyber bullying. International level in sharing the final result. Contribution from every pupil to reach the positive outcome.
Target group:
School class, pupils between 12 and 16 years old
3h, better would be dividing it on more days
1) The multiplier(s) gives introduction to the class about the topic and the activities (1h).Interview that asks a concrete question (“What do you do if…”) and gets a direct statement (“I will…”and “I will not…”) as a result.

2) Photo shoot of faces and statements that will be written on boards in the shape of chat bubbles, each one with a different colour. Pupils will have the possibility to express their creativity by organising a workshop (together with their teachers) to create attractive and impressive backgrounds for the shoots. The photos will be collected and set in a form of collage on one or more posters, or including only one person´s face, or faces of the whole class. An extra option could be producing audio/video formats with strong messages related to avoid cyber bullying statements.

3) Pupils will post pictures they made on the German Facebook Page of the project. Pictures and video/audio materials will be used later for social media channels.
The workshop can be implemented in other schools in the region, and even in other countries. This will bring the spirit of belonging to a wide community involved in the same topic. Afterwards it is possible to make an international collage with the same strong message.

0 – 60 min: Introduction of the work and topic, interview, workshops
60 – 90 min: Statements and photo shoot90 – 120 min: Photos, posting on the page
120 min: Evaluation, discussion
at least 2
Prepare the introduction of the activities
Smartphone for each student, if possible professional equipment
– Interactive- International- Good for big or small groups
– Can go viral
-Amount of time