Format n. 13 Transfer lab

Aim: The aim of this exercise is to show participants that anyone can become a victim of cyber bullying and that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason for such behavior.
Target group:
School class, pupils between 12 and 16 years old
2 h
The participants (separated into groups) will have to search the internet for authentic comments made by “cyber-bullies”. These texts will then be read by each participant (who will play the role of the victim) whilst being recorded.
0 – 5 min: Introduction
5 – 25 min: Searching the internet for negative comments and assigning texts per participant
25 – 35 min: Participants will spend this time preparing by memorizing texts (should they be willing) and setting up the scene
35 – 75 min: Recording (we’re assuming that this part may be repeated a couple of times)
75 – 95 min: Post-production (editing the film…)
95 – 110 min: Show time!
110 – 120 min: Discussion about the films made by each and a final reflection of each workshop (this is planned to be the last workshop)
– Prepare an emergency list containing the cyber bullying examples
– Point out to the participants that they will be recorded (possibly gain parental consent before this workshop)
– Recording device (camera, mobile phone…)
– Computer with a projector
– IT room
– Participants can enter this role and develop a deeper understanding of the situation from the victims’ point of view
– It is almost certain that vulgar phrases will be found-Limited time frame