7.5 Why is it good for teachers to know and apply the No Blame Approach?

The fundamental idea of the NBA is to have a tool at hand which significantly improves the possibility to stop bullying. Punitive measures always carry the danger of revenge on the part of the bully, a vicious circle of fear and harm. Measures like swapping the class, especially if the victim is asked to change classes, are disadvantageous for the student. The NBA offers the chance to correct an unbearable situation by protecting the affected student with the support of classmates plus initiating a behavioral change of the bully and establishing a more peaceful atmosphere in class. Empathy will be fostered. A student, grade 7, expressed in a follow-up meeting: “If I were bullied I would also feel awful therefore I won´t bully anymore.” 6

A survey conducted in 220 German schools who work with the NBA has shown that the bullying was stopped by the NBA intervention in 192 cases (87%). 7

Ideally, the NBA is not a single tool in school but is embedded in a set of measures e.g. the mediation club, awareness raising activities and other (preventive) programs.