2.2.1 Influences on people as individuals

As any new change social media has some advantages and some disadvantages. It is easy to see just one side, but nothing is black and white, so we would like to present both.

Social Media: Advantages and disadvantages (krismarfil)

Positive influences:

  • Spreading messages out there in minutes: It is hard to conceal that something happened because people saw it and can share it on their social media. “What happens in Vegas, stay on social media!”
  • Meeting new people with similar interest. It is easy to find groups that have a similar interest and join them.
  • Speedy communication: Communication has never been this fast before.
  • Geeting fast feedback: Either business wise or personal, you can put it out there and people will tell you what they think.
  • Getting answers: Asking questions and getting answers from help communities, teachers or other people.
  • Global marketing: You can now market and sell your products from home.

Negative influences:

  • Waste of time: People spend enormous time just browsing and searching social media, with no real intention or purpose.
  • Personal details get revealed: If you are not careful with your personal information, it can be exposed to everybody. And revealing personal information on social media makes you more vulnerable to crimes like identity theft, stalking, etc.
  • Harassment: You can easily become a target of a cyberbullying or harassment.
  • Impact on productivity: Many companies have blocked social media in the offices since the work productivity suffered.
  • Addiction: Feeling that you are the center of attention can be a soothing for every ego, but it can be also addictive.

Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation Animated (Jess the Dragoon)