Format n. 15 Audio lab #1

20 This workshop is aimed to raise the participants’ awareness of the problems created through cyber bullying and to make each participant reflect upon the matter. The final aim is for each participant to come up with their own definition of cyberbullying.
Target group:
School class, pupils between 13 and 16 years old
1) One activity will involve splitting the participants into groups and having them throw a ball between them. The person who catches the ball has to come up with a word/phrase involving cyberbullying. From these words, a Mindmap will be created (ideally, each word/phrase will be classified into a certain category).
2) The participants will be split into groups. Within these groups, they will be asked to come up with questions involving cyberbullying. Next, the participants will be recorded as each group asks the others their questions (similar to the way reporters ask questions).
0 – 10 min: Introduction
10 – 20 min: Warm up: throw the ball and come up with words/phrases that involve cyberbullying
20 – 40 min: Create the Mindmap
40 – 60 min: Split the participants into 2 groups where they will formulate questions for the “interview”
60 – 80 min: Record the responses to different questions
80 – 100 min: Replay the answers back to the participants
100 – 120 min: Discussion and conclusion
Possibly prepare categories in order to classify words/phrases
– Ball(s)
– Paper for the Mindmap & pens
– Recording device
– Role-playing
– The answers could be shared with the general public
-The amount of time spent on each activity depends on the dynamic of each group and the enthusiasm of the participants