Format n. 08 Developed by: DE Title: social game

Try to understand the different roles that occur in a cyber bullying task, enter in empathy in different situations
Target group:
School class, pupils between 12 and 16 years old
2,5 h
1) The multiplier hands out a card to each participant in which his/her character role is described. Then, through a WhatsApp chat, each participant acts his part with the group. Another student will film the display of the mobile. After ten minutes, the roles are changed.

2) In the second part of the lesson there will be a discussion with the multiplier in order to understand what each student felt during the activity. A final video will be edited and presented to the classroom.

0 – 15 min: Introduction of the work15 – 30 min: Giving the cards to participants
30 – 45 min: Acting (first part)
45 – 60 min: Acting (second part)
60 – 75 min: Discussion
75 – 105 min: Editing of the video
105 min: Showing of the video
At least 2
Prepare the cards, prepare a pre-edited video template
Smartphone for each student
– Interactive- Including pupils
-Amount of time