Format n. 17 Post-it film

The aim is to understand the different roles that exist in cyber bullying, to develop empathy in different situations, to use creative writing and develop an artistic use of multimedia to reflect on difficulties that youth faces, and to gain new competences
Target group:
School class, pupils between 11 and 16 years old
1) Start with showing a motivational video and a short explanation about the format.
2) Then the pupils put together a story, using the word-collage game (through brainstorming).3) The pupils afterwards write the dialogues based on the game results, and write down the posts on post-its.
4) The preparation for the video recording follows: select the appropriate music, logistics on film-set (defining roles, stick post-its on the wall).
5) Recording with photo camera, add music.
6) Final discussion after screening of the produced video.
0 – 10 min: Introduction: motivational video and short explanation
10 – 30 min: Word collage – putting together a story
30 – 45 min: Writing post-its, using the story created in the game
45 – 55 min: Preparing of the video recording – division of different roles, select appropriate music
55 – 75 min: Discussion
75 – 90 min: Filming
90 – 105 min: Presentation of the video
105 – 120 min: Discussion
At least 2
Bring post-its, define some key words for game
– Simple, not too much technology needed- Fun- Use of all senses
– Can be done quickly

– Use of swear words, might not take bullying seriously
-Pupils must be divided into several groups of max. 5 or 6 so that they all can engage in the preparation of the video