Format n. 01 Mean comments

Emphasize that cyber bullying is a serious matter, which has to be taken into consideration
Target group:
School class, pupils between 14 and 16 years old
2 h
1) Firstly, the pupils will be shown some similar videos on the topic. Then they decide on different locations where they would like to act and do their own videos. The pupils will create comments that will be read out loud in these videos.2) The multipliers will oversee the activity in the different locations at the same time, in order to reduce the duration of the activity.
3) In the end, we will share our experiences and emotions in a big circle and will watch the new videos together.
0 – 15 min: Introduction of the work, showing the “kids read mean tweets” video
15 – 30 min: Decide on the comments and the surroundings for video
30 – 80 min: Shoot the videos (in several places at once)
80 – 105 min: Edit the videos
105 – 115 min: Screening of the video
At leat 2
Decide on the places for video recording, prepare comments, prepare technical resources
Several smartphones, one computer
– Students can decide on the places (this emphasizes that bullying happens everywhere, not only in school)
– Can be funny at the beginning, but serious at the endCONTRA
– Several smartphones are necessary
– Insults can be quite rude