Format n. 14 Screenplaying lab #2

Through role playing, the participants will draw conclusions of how to react in a situation in which cyber bullying occurs.
Target group:
School class, pupils between 13 and 16 years old
The participants are split into different groups where they will be assigned particular roles (victim, bully or observer). The participants will then have to create a fake profile on paper. Next, the participants will perform the situation, using post-it notes as a conversation between the different roles.
0 – 20 min: Introduction
20 – 30 min: Splitting into groups, assigning into roles and creating the fake profiles
30 – 60 min: Preparing the „conversation”
60 – 90 min: Recording each “conversation” and watching each film
90 – 110 min: Discussion – the participants will be asked to see when the hurtful comments started
110 – 120 min: Conclusion – discussion of how to avoid such scenarios
2 (possibly more)
Point out to the participants that they will be recorded (possibly gain parental consent before this workshop)
– Post-it notes- Pens & paper- Recording device (camera…)
– Projector
– Allows the participants to be creativeCONTRA
The workshop doesn’t completely reflect the reality of cyber bullying in social