5.3 Measures

Following these principles, 4 measures have been developed and tested. Together, they form a system of measures prepared to implement in a specific school culture.

  1. Awareness raising. Informing stakeholders (mainly pupils, teachers and parents) about forms of cyberbullying, recognising it and its possible consequences (Chapter 6)
  2. Mediation Clubs. Small groups of pupils meeting regularly and being active to speak about cyberbullying and prevention of it (Chapter 7)
  3. No blame approach. Training for teachers to use this specific methodology in cases of intervention when cyberbullying appears (Chapter 8)
  4. Creativity Groups. Offering pupils to use social media in a different way. Promoting positive use of social media through creativity clubs and creativity camps (Chapter 9)

Each of individual measures focuses on more fields like promotion, prevention and intervention.  But each acts primarily just on one.

Promotion Prevention Intervention
Awareness raising X
Mediation Clubs X
No blame approach X
Creativity Groups X

As an actor in the school environment with its specifics needs and challenges, you can focus on one, two, three or all four of proposed measures. The decision is yours. In the frames of project, we also implemented two additional measures, that can help you:

  • Training of Multipliers. Within the project, we educated 20 multiplicators, that are entering school environment from inside or outside and are helping school staff on implementation of provided measures. Their typical tasks are implementations of awareness raising, education of school staff, facilitation of mediation clubs and leading creative groups,…
  • Social Media Campaign on Cyberbullying. Campaign’s main focus are parents and school staff and transmits messages that are presented in the table
TG1: Parents TG2: School staff
Aim 1: the phenomena of Cyber Bullying and its consequences. There is bullying going on in social media. Some teenagers suffer. Probably your kid was already part of cyberbullying – in one way or another. Bullying and cyberbullying exist in nearly every classroom. If it escalates, you could have many problems. Prevention is a key to success.
Aim 2: proper use of Social Media Your teenagers are well equipped with technical skills but they lack social skills on social media! Learning to use social media is not only about technical skills. It is also about social skills.
Aim 3: possible strategies to combat Cyber Bullying. Pay attention to symptoms of possible cyber bullying. Symptoms are … There are many ways to address cyberbullying in schools: promotion, prevention, intervention.
Aim 4: possibilities this project will offer them in the future. Your kid could visit a summer camp about cyberbullying, he/she could also attend some mediation courses and obtain these skills. You can get trained in NBA skills. You can facilitate a mediation club in school / become a mediator yourself or train peer mediators.