9.1 Introduction

The formats included in this handbook aims to be used with a group of students as a tool to reflect on cyberbullying through a creative and ludic process.
The formats were developed during the Summer Campus which took place in August 2015 in Udine, Italy. The Campus was one of the activities of the project “Joining forces to combat cyber bullying in schools” that aims to provide students with competent ways of handling digital media.
The Campus focused on the development of activities to carry out in schools and other educational institutions. The goal was to develop creative tools that can be used to raise the awareness for the topic of cyber bullying. One main point of the workshops was to reflect about the creative and competent handling of digital media and a responsible interaction on new social network platforms. The idea was to get a fresh look on the comprehensive topics cyber bullying and violence in social networks. During the Campus, creativity groups elaborated different contents in form of formats to promote a positive use of social media. This handbook provides some practical creative formats that can be applied in class. The formats were tested in classes of the partner countries.