5.2 Our Philosophy

The aim of Joining Forces to Combat Cyberbullying in Schools project was

To change school cultures towards bullying-free zones through addressing the challenge of cyberbullying from different angles and through the combination of different actions.

During the implementation of pilot activities in the project, several principles stood out, that would apparently be important when addressing the challenge of cyberbullying in schools.

  • Promotion, prevention and intervention. Cyberbullying should be simultaneously addressed using various strategies: informing stakeholders about its forms and potential risks, implementing preventive actions and interventions in occurring
  • Community Building. Different stakeholders should be addressed and included: pupils, parents, teachers, social workers, youth workers and NGOs.
  • Building Competences. The key to our project is in developing people’s competences (knowledge about cyberbullying, skills connected with recognising and preventing it and building a healthy attitude towards cyberbullying). Active participation of all stakeholders is needed to address the issue.