Format n. 04 Reality vs facebook

The goal is to emphasize the different ways in which people can act on Facebook and in real life
Target group:
School class, pupils between 13 and 14 years old
2 h
1) First, the pupils will be given a picture which they shall describe to a classmate who cannot see it. After that, this classmate has to draw what he heard. The next one describes it again to another classmate, and so on. In the end, it is likely that the last picture will be very different from the original one.2) In the next activity, the pupils create a Facebook account and another one which represents real life. Both of them will be created on paper, to reflect on how people show another image of themselves online. They can create the two accounts next to each other in order to visualize the differences clearly. After discussing the experiences, the pupils will be given emoticons, which they can hand out to their peers.
0 – 5 min: Introduction of the first game
5 – 30 min: Play the first game, drawing of the topic they heard, and describe these pictures
(during the drawing part, multipliers could start making the emoticon pictures with the other students to use this time)
30 – 75 min: Start the second game, create two accounts on paper
75 – 90 min: Finish accounts, evaluate them together, talk about experiences
At least 2
Printing emoticons for students
Printed emoticons, bringing paper, pens, pencils etc
– Fun action
– Interactive for students
– Pictures can be used in social media campaignCONTRA
– While someone is drawing, others can get bored
– Preparation of accounts can take a lot of time