Format n. 02 Screenplaying lab #1


Make students understand that it is important to think over what they express in social networks, because this action has an impact on the others.

Target group:

School class, pupils between 15 and 16 year old.

Time:2 h

1) The multiplier shows the video that has been prepared during the workshop.

2) Then 3 groups will be created. The groups decide on the storyline and the script, and they can also choose the characters they will interpret. Then, with the ezvid program they create their videos. It might be necessary to shoot the video several times in order to succeed.

3) After that, the whole class sits in a circle, and pupils share their experiences and emotions. One member of each group edits the video, and at the end, we watch all the created videos together.


0 – 15 min: Introduction of the work

15 – 30 min: Decide on the storyline and the script, choose different roles

30 – 60 min: Acting

60 – 90 min: Discussion about experiences, during that one member of each groups edits the video

90 – 110 min: Showing of the video

Multipliers:At least 2

Download “ezvid” (editing program) to the computers, create a fake Facebook account


As many computers as groups are created, a few smartphones

– All students can take part- The program can be used easily- Interesting

CONTRA– Students have to use their own Facebook accounts- The video can be edited only by a few people