2.3.2 What needs of young peoples are beeing met on social media?

We used to form communities and satisfy our basic needs in local environments. But with the widespread of social media, communities outgrew local environments and become global. Previously we heard that young are joining social media to seek for fame. But that is not it. Young people are driven by two basic needs:

  • the need to belong, which refers to the intrinsic drive to feel close and accepted by others and gain social acceptance; and
  • the need for self-presentation, which is associated with the process of impression management.

Belonging somewhere

Beeing a part of a community, belonging is one of the most basic human needs. Young people are trying to fulfill it online. They are searching for the right group. Not every group is the one for them. Young people need to be a part of a community. Where they are appreciated, where they feel unique, loved and most importantly where they can be heard.  It is important to belong, to feel connected and to be a part of a community.


The second need is a more egocentric one. Online communication allows you to represent yourself in the best possible way. And for young people nowadays it is important to build a superb online personality, where they look better than reality. It is important to build up somebody unique, special and me memorable.  Through building up online personas, the process of searching for the meaning of life begins.