Format n. 05 Tunnel

Increase the empathy towards the topic of bullying, e.g. by experiencing the uncertainty of the role of the victim in a classroom.
Enhance a positive climate and communication through experience of positive opposite of victim-role
Target group:
School class, pupils between 12 and 16 years old
1) Give each student a paper with “real” negative examples of chats, comments and posts found on social media. 

2) Then the students face each other in pairs, lined up in the fashion of a tunnel (with a gap of approx. 1m).
The first will start to go slowly through this tunnel of classmates with his/her eyes closed. While he/she goes through, every student who passed will regard him/her with the comment written on the paper he/she carries. When the student arrives at the end, he will line up at the end of the tunnel again and be the last bully of the next passing student, who will also line up, a.s.o.

3) Afterwards there will be time to discuss the information and discover further info about the topic of social media and cyberbullying and the experiences of the students.

4) Next, the pupils will have time to prepare a positive comment for EACH of their classmates by themselves (short but personal). As an orientation, the multipliers will provide some examples.
Then the same game will be played again, but more slowly and with eyes open.
Every student will experience the situation of receiving positive and individual feedback by every single classmate.

0 – 10 min: Introduction10 – 15 min: showing comments
15 – 20 min: Tunnel-Game
20 – 45min: Discussion, sharing of feedback
45 – 60 min: talk about social media and own experiences
60 – 85 min: prepare positive comments
85 – 90 min: play again
90 105 min: final discussion and overall feedback
At least 1 (+ 1 assistent)
Pen and paper
Printed emoticons, bringing paper, pens, pencils etc
– Easy to implement for all kind of classes, groups and ages- Little efforts (little preparation, little material)
– Everybody experiences the role of bully and victim -> experience builds up awareness and sensitivity and may even change some behavior
– Great effect of second positive tunnel: for each single student, for the relationships as well as for the climate within the class
-Challenge to accompany action in a professional and empathic way -> multipliers need to be really fit and have a lot of patience and empathy