9.2 A question of perspective

New technologies bring with them familiar problems society faces, but they are appearing in new forms. Cyber bullying is one of these phenomena. In order to fight it, we need new ways of handling its problems and dangers. It is important to understand and grasp the complexity of virtual reality, the positive as well as the negative sides it is offering to users. When interacting and dealing with the topic of cyberbullying, and finally trying to bring about a change, it is crucial to open up a new perspective on the issue. Through the creative approach, the project aims to address a large audience from students to teachers and parents.
The developed formats are games to do in class. Games are characterized by collective activity and fulfill an important and useful social function. By following certain action processes and by taking the role of another person, students will get a new perspective on different ways of behavior, empathy and social roles. With creative contributions, students can be supported to acquire important skills in order to combat cyber bullying.