6. Awareness Raising

Based on school testing in schools within the project “Joining Forces to Combat Cyber Bullying in Schools”, we are suggesting a holistic combined approach which we presented in the fifth chapter. It consists of four activities: Awareness Raising, No Blame Approach, Mediation Clubs and Creativity Groups.

And in this chapter, we will introduce you to our first activity: Awareness Raising. It is focusing on three target groups that are most involved in cases of cyberbullying in the school environment: student, school staff, and parents.

We are presenting two implementation plans of awareness raising with students – one that takes half to one working day and the other that can be implemented in a short workshop. We also prepared a program for school staff and another one for parents and at the end you can find suggestions for additional activities, that you can use if needed.

Methodological notes

The time of awareness raising activities will probably be short and the number of participants high. However, it is strongly suggested to find ways to interact and start a dialogue with the audience in order to engage them in the lesson and especially push them to come out with their own idea before we explain our point of view.

We recommend the use of some short videos to break the flow of the lesson and keep their attention on a high level. Some suggestions include:

  • the mind reader: (Virus, hacker, and data safety)
  • Little Red on Facebook: (privacy)
  • the sheep series: http://www.sheeplive.eu/
  • guess who: