7.8.10 Evaluation: Meeting with the affected student

Depending on the size of the group the role play can be evaluated by a facilitator and a group member (observer). Here are lead questions for the evaluation.Step 1: The “affected student” will be asked

Step 1: The “affected student” will be asked

  • How are you doing now?
  • Which phrases/behavior/attitude were helpful for you?
  • Were you able to build trust?
  • Anything that was not constructive?
  • What else could have been helpful/positive?

Step 2: Questions to the “teacher”

  • How are you doing now?
  • What did you manage well?
  • What was difficult?

Step 3: Feedback of the facilitator (observer) (directed at the teacher)

  • I liked…
  • Some ideas on what the teacher could consider/change in the future

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