7.8.17 Follow up meeting with affected student, support group


See time suggestions on flipcharts


The participants will be informed about the last step of the NBA: the follow-up meetings with all involved students which will be conducted separately and which will lay the foundation for the decision whether further steps are needed (e.g. another meeting with the support group) or whether the intervention was successful. Additionally, the participants will reflect possible obstacles and difficulties students might encounter.


Flipcharts No. 20, 21

Instruction for implementation:

Flipchart No. 20

The facilitators refer to the follow-up meetings which take place after 8 – 14 days (sometimes depending on the age of the students). First of all, it is important to find out how the affected student feels by now. Has the situation changed for the better? Thus the teacher will be able to judge whether further steps are necessary to improve the situation. He/she will also talk to the members of the support group individually, inquiring what the person thinks how the affected classmate is doing now and also ask for an estimate of the current situation.

Flipchart No. 21

Only after all the meetings will the teacher reflect on how to proceed. In case the intervention has not been successful he/she will invite the support group again. Could their ideas be put into practice?  If not, why not?  Other ideas to include/help/support the affected student?