7.8.2 Agenda

Overview of the program


Approx. 10 min.


Participants receive an overview of the workshop program and are informed about the relevance of active involvement.


Flipchart No. 2.

Instruction for implementation:

The facilitators give a brief overview of the workshop agenda.

  • How can bullying be identified? Who can be helpful?
  • What is bullying exactly? What are the main characteristics? Distinction conflicts from bullying.
    The focus of the workshop will be the training of the No Blame Approach (NBA)
  • The trainers will introduce the steps of the NBA and give instructions how to proceed.
  • Experiencing and learning the procedure of the NBA by taking part in role plays will take the majority of the training time.

At the end of the training, participants will discuss possible additional steps to combat further bullying and deal with open questions.