7.3.3 Follow-up meetings

The first meeting will be held with the affected student in a separate room. The aim is to find out whether the situation has improved. What has happened? What was different? How does he/she feel now?  Is there anything else that he/she needs or wants?

If the answers are positive, the bullying has stopped and classmates are friendly and supportive the NBA was successful.  The teacher will thank the student for the trust and invite him/her to turn to him/her in case of difficulties.

However, if this is not the case, the teacher will announce a second meeting with the support group and assure the student that he/she will continue to take care of the problem.

After the meeting with the affected student the teacher meets the members of the support group individually. He/she asks for an estimate how the affected student is feeling now.  Have things improved?  What did you notice? Were you able to contribute?  Do you have any other ideas what can be done? In case of a positive course (the bullying stopped) the teacher expresses his thankfulness about the constructive role the student played. In case of an unsatisfying development the teacher announces another meeting of the support group in order to reflect the effectiveness of measures and develop new ideas.

In most cases a second round can attribute to an improvement of the situation of the affected student.

Nevertheless, in case of a failure, other measures should be considered.