7.7 Guidelines for a teacher training


7,5 hours including lunch break and short coffee breaks

Materials:  (What is required: depending on the size of the group)

A circle of chairs (no tables),
1 larger room and a smaller room,
1 flipchart,
2 pin boards,
prepared flipchart papers (see the material in the following chapter),
moderation material.

target group-01 Group size:

6 – 10 participants: 1 trainer
11 – 18 participants: 2 trainers

Instruction for implementation:

Multipliers who want to offer a No Blame Approach workshop need to have participated in a workshop before or already have experience in applying the approach, e.g. teachers, social workers. The workshop members can be a team of one school or a mix of teachers (social workers, psychologists) from different schools, sometimes one or two parents are also interested and can be included. Handouts with instructions (e.g. guidelines for the meetings) have to be prepared.

An example of a possible structure of a one-day training of the No Blame Approach including samples of flipchart visualizations is added.