7.8.11 Role play teacher/student meeting


50 min


Participants will conduct the first role plays in different roles. There will be two rounds offering the chance to either “play” the teacher or the affected student and thus experience how the guideline for the talk is working.


Flipchart No. 13, guideline for the meeting with the affected student (prepared copies), evaluation guideline:  meeting with the affected student (prepared copies), two role play settings (enough copies for the subgroups),
flipchart No. 14.

Instruction for implementation:

The facilitators ask the group to split up in subgroups of three. They distribute the copies of the guideline for the meeting (Flipchart No. 13). The participants distribute the roles amongst themselves (1 teacher, 1 student, 1 observer) Teacher and student face each other, the observer keeps a little distance. Teacher and student receive role descriptions. If possible the subgroups find a quiet corner to practice the role play. Two role plays with alternating roles will be conducted. The facilitators will visit all subgroups in order to get an impression of how it is working.

Flipchart No. 14

After each round, there will be an evaluation which will be moderated by the observer (if applicable by one facilitator). The facilitators will remind the observers to focus on constructive feedback: “What went well?  What did you like?  Which phrases/expressions were positive?” “What could be improved?”  (Find more detailed instructions in the handout: evaluation guideline).After the evaluation in small groups, the facilitators ask the subgroups to return and the whole group reflects the following question:“What can be helpful in this introductory meeting?”