9.3 Creativity as an educational tool

Creativity in its various forms is a powerful resource to promote social change since a long time and can be described as an important tool and decisive factor when it comes to handling new phenomena on social networks like cyber bullying.
Projects promoting a creative approach encourage a deeper participation of students in a certain process. They learn to communicate about and deal with complex topics in a fun and playful way. Creative projects have the potential to reach and influence students in an easy way and set free a positive way of interaction with tools like social networks.
Furthermore, the transfer action is an important factor. Through producing creative content, one can reach peer groups in an entertaining way and transport a serious and important message through new forms.
An innovative, playful approach equips students with the capacity to open the point of view for other sides and possibilities, and they can imagine other contexts. Through this creative involvement, the critical thinking of students can be spread amongst friends and throughout the web. Therefore the creative approach can be described an important medium for dealing with social and cultural changes.