Format n. 18 Guess who #3

Make the students aware of the visual manipulation through media
Target group:
School class, pupils between 12 and 16 years old
1) Introduction
2) Puzzle (jigsaw) – Confrontation of two pictures of the same person: one with make-up/photo shopped, the other one without make up/not photoshopped. This confrontation will help pupils to understand the common use of visual manipulation of reality in media
3) Pictionary: in groups of 4, the students draw the picture of a profile. In the end of the activity, they compare the original with the edited results. Understanding that everyone has a different perception, distortion of reality through different media
4) Conclusion with a final discussion sitting in a circle where everyone shares their impressions, while multiplier B moderates the process
0 – 10 min: Introduction
10 – 40 min: Puzzle – photoshopped and not photoshopped pictures
40 – 85 min: Pictionary- understanding that everyone has different perceptions,
distortion of reality through different media
85 – 100 min: Final discussion: sitting in a circle – everyone shares their impressions
At least 2
Photoshopped pictures, searching images
Computer, Program Photoshop, paper, pencils, printed edited and non-edited pictures of celebrities
– Flexible- Interactive- It can be upgraded by making a stop-motion version of putting the puzzles togetherCONTRA
-If warm up is not effective there will be a problem understanding the aim