Format n. 19 Audio lab #2

Try to recompose a song with new lyrics with an anti cyber bullying content; pupils become more involved and empathetic with the victims of cyber bulling.Achieve through this action a critical reflection on society, where an individual can be cast into shame because of his diversity.
Target group:
School class, pupils between 12 and 16 years old
1) Brainstorming: Two groups of pupils reflect about social media, record the process2) Story: creating a story one word at a time on the topic of cyber bullying in groups of five people each3) Create a poem about the bully/victim
4) Song lyrics – famous song with the words changed
5) Audio story
0 – 10 min: Warm-up and getting to know each other through a game (creating meaningful creative sentences in a way that everybody says one word)
10 – 20 min: Introduction into topic of cyber bullying (show motivational video + PPT on topic)
20 – 25 min: Divide class into groups, instructions for the groups
25 – 50 min: Groups select one piece of music from Karaoke list that they like or find funny; write lyrics; adapt lyrics so that it reflects on why youngsters use cyber conversation and show what can happen when doing that
50 – 60 min: Record the song
60 – 75 min: Edit the song
75 – 90 min: Listen to all songs and comment on the results
90 – 105 min: Final discussion on the outcomes and the cyber bullying topic
At least 2
Research on modern music, Karaoke list, short presentation on cyber bulling
Computer or projector for screening of video, internet, recording device, papers, pencils
– Encourages critical observation, imagination, music and writing skills- The lyrics can avoid using defamatory language by finding other, more poetic solutions for describing the victim

– Rift between the students which music is cool enough to work on
– Can lead to usage of inappropriate words if the moderators don`t pay attention