7.8 No Blame Approach Workshop: Sample Agenda


1 day

Group size:

6 – 16 participants/ 1 or 2 trainers


Exercise, handout number Time Method Material
Welcome, introduction
Previous experiences with bullying interventions (positive/negative)
20 min  


Flipcharts:A - welcome
Agenda 10 min Flipcharts:B Agenda for the workshop
Understanding bullying
How do I recognize bullying?
“Bullying glasses”
40 min Groups of 2-3
Collection of points on pin board
C Understanding Bullying 3D-Bullying glases
Definition of (cyber) bullying 5 min
E - definition of bullying 4abF-Definition of cyberbullying 4c
Break 15 min
The Bullying system

The Characteristics of the No Blame Approach

Steps of the NBA

30 min
G-bullying system 5H-the no blame approach 6
I-steps of the process 7Flipchart_08
Preparation 1st role play: meeting with the affected student


 90 min Groups of 3
O-meeting affected student role play 13P-observation role 14
Lunch 60 min
Preparation 2nd role play: meeting with the support group (H12, H13, H14)


 120 min Depending on the group size: 1 or 2 role plays (parallel)
Flipchart 15Q-meeting with the support group 16
R-express personal concern 17S - dealing with accusations 18


Handouts: guideline, evaluation

Teachers handout 3: Guideline meeting with the support group

Break  15 min
Follow up meetings with affected student and support group
How to continue?
U- follow up meetings 20V-with members of the support group 21

Parents and the NBA
Open questions
Handout: Parents

Comment: This is a possible agenda for a 1-day-long workshop. If there is more time available, the trainers can include additional activities or exercises (see: Additional material).